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Speaking Engagements

1/18/19 for the Pacific Northwest Providers “Intersecting Identities in Therapy”

11/2/17 “The Best Version of You”Faculty and Staff of Color Conference,Vancouver, WA

11/4/17 Keynote and breakout sessions- “Cultural Competence in a Multicultural World”,

Oregon Regional Counseling Association , Portland OR

9/9/16 “Transgender/ Gender Variant Experiences and Clinical Needs”Pacific Northwest Providers, Portland OR

9/16/17 “Racial Identity Accommodation: Ways We Hide and its Effects on Our Own and Our Clients’ Mental Health”, Counselors of Color Network-Annual Regional Roundtable Discussion, Seattle WA

9/10/16 “Racial Trauma: Caring for Clients & Ourselves as People of Color”, Counselors of Color Network- Annual Regional Roundtable Discussion


8/3/17 “How To Make Sure Having Kids Won’t Ruin Your Relationship”Cory Steig, contribution

5/23/17 “Should You Call Out Your Grandma When She Says Stuff About Your Body?” Cory Steig, contribution

Summer 2017 “Between Transparency and Awareness: An African-American Therapist’s Perspective” The Counselor, Oregon Counseling Association

April 2017 ” Clark Counselor Seeks to “Normalize” Sex Ed” and “Sex Ed Fair Makes a Statement at Clark”– Clark College Independent

12/18/18 “How to Write a Family Newsletter Your Friends Will Actually Read”, Anna Goldfarb, New York Times contribution

1/24/18 “There’s a Better Way to Vent Your Frustration”, Anna Goldfarb, Meduim, contribution