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Group topics will include; Self-Care, Boundary setting, Journaling, Goal Setting, Vision board development, Communication, Navigating the impact of oppression on our lives. We’ll build community, share food and connect. All supplies for the group will be provided as part of the group fee.

Beginning January 16, 2019- March 6, 2019 I will be facilitating a Black Women’s Therapeutic Support Group.The cost of the group will be $200 $175 per person and the group cannot be billed to insurance.  If the cost of the group is a barrier to your participation, please contact me to discuss. The group will be held in my office and has a maximum of 8 participants. Folx who are new to my practice will be required to schedule a 15 minute intake/consultation appointment by video chat or in person to assess your appropriateness for the group setting. This appointment is included in the cost for the group. Payment for group participation is due at the time of registration. Missed sessions of the group meetings do not constitute a refund. If the meetings are cancelled due to illness, they will be rescheduled. Group flier